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Come Bend Your Mind With Us

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Congratulations to the weekly 1st place winners!


_About Us

Hello! If you're here, that must be because you're looking for a fun community with lots of interactive challenges and nice rewards.
That's exactly what we are!
So come on down, have some fun, and reap the reward!
Each week, we'll have a different competition--it'll either be a riddle, a contest, a puzzle, etc.
Winners will recieve prizes!!

_Rules of the Game

First and foremost--flame wars will not be tolerated! Treat everyone here with respect and kindness, and you'll receive the same. This is a place to have fun, not to chop others down.
Secondly, You will get the weekly contest on Sunday of each week. You'll have 6 days to think and submit answers. On the following Sunday, you'll see the winners and the new week's contest.
There are are no rules as to how you may go about finding your answers or sultions. if you'd like to employ the help of a friend, or post the contest on your own journal to get help, feel free. Win however you can, as long as it's honest. If you are caught doing something intentionally malicious or deceitful in order to win, you will be disqualified from the competition.
Other than that, the rules are few. Just have fun.

_How It Works

Yours mods are crystal_blitz and ilanalynn
Be nice to them--they love you!

After the contest is posted, you will have 6 days to submit answers. You will submit answers via the comments link, and all comments will be screened so that nobody else can see or copy them.
On the contest entry, the number of possible winners will be specified. Usually, there will be a first, second, and third place, but some contests may vary.
If you have an idea for a contest or riddle, feel free to comment to or email the moderator and make your suggestion.
Winners will recieve banners, icons, graphics, etc to place on their user info pages, proclaiming that they've won.