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[11 Dec 2003|05:53am]


New contest this week...no winners for last week because there were no answer submissions.

This week's contest:
The person who invites the most new, active members wins 2 months paid LJ time.

2 months means 2 months of 15 icons, advanced layouts, polls, custom mood themes, ability to post by phone, etc!

In order to prove that you invited someone, simply have the reply to this post and include your name. They must also include a riddle, joke, or contest they'd like to see appear on this community. The deadline is next Friday.
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[03 Dec 2003|03:41am]

Congrats to beckyzoole who was the first to answer last week's puzzle with the correct answer of -362!!

Thank you to everyone who answered!

I was going to wait until I got my computer fixed before I posted the winner (because I can't make banners without my computer) but that could be a while, so instead, I'll just post winners and create the banner when I can. :) I won't forget, I promise.

For this week....find out how many triangles of all possible sizes are in this diagram:
TrianglesCollapse )

you also have a bonus riddle:

I come in two forms...
I am both solid and liquid.
In one form, I am hot and round. In the other, I am smooth and cool.
I can lay in the palm of your hand, or travel billions of miles away.
Be careful...approach me too closely in either form, and you will die.
What am I?

You've got until midnight (central time) Saturday! Good luck!
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[26 Nov 2003|03:36am]


Okay, first of all, I owe all of you a major apology for the neglect of this community. I'm very, very sorry.

Secondly, I would really love to keep things running 'round here, but I had really hoped this community would be more interactive than it is, So....

Now, there's been a change of procedure.

There will be TWO weekly contests, and here's how it'll work.

Some of you aren't so great at numerical contests and quizzes, and some of you aren't as good at the treasure-hunt thingies. I love both kinds, soooo...On mondays, here's what will happen.

1. I will post a numerical contest....some kind of mind bender where you'll have to solve a mathmatical puzzle.

2. Also, the community will be open to posts from its' members who wish to post a quiz, puzzle, etc. If nobody posts a puzzle, I'll post a 2nd brainteaser of a more treasure-hunt form.

The winner of the puzzle I post will recieve a banner.
If the posters of the other puzzles wish to award a banner or something, that's their choice, but if not, it's just for fun.

If you have a particular riddle, puzzle, or brainteaser you want to share, go for it and have fun!!
To start, let's have a holiday teaser:

(1+16)2-3x6[4+4+1(2x7)] = ?
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[21 Oct 2003|11:47am]

Treasure Hunt Winners' Banners!Collapse )
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[21 Oct 2003|02:30am]

Geez...it's Tueday and I haven't posted the winners or banners or a new theme. Sheesh.

Please forgive me...it's been crazy.

-1st place

-2nd place

The images you sent me were really neat, and humorously enough, you both sent the same photo of the wishbone statue. LoL
I will have your banners ready by tomorrow.
I think this week, I won't have a contest, but instead, a poll.

So...just comment and let me know...
what kind of contests do you like?
Math? Riddles? Treasure hunts? Anything else? let me know!!
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[12 Oct 2003|11:39am]

Congratulations this week go to ides_of_march!

Congrats! Your banner is under this cutCollapse )

I'm getting a bit discouraged at the number of people (or lack thereof) playing. So, I think this week we'll take a break and do something a little different. A treasure hunt.

You're pirates and you have one week to scavenge the following items from the internet. All you have to do is find images of the following items and send me the URL's or actual pictures. If you hotlink the pictures, be sure the links work.

There will be winning banners for everyone who participates, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for the first three to get their list completed
Creativity is encouraged :)

Here's your treasure list:
--A broken wishbone
--A kid in blue underwear
--a scratched CD
--A polkadotted telephone (can also be a cellphone)
--6 pencils (all in the same pic)
--A Christmas DVD
--A dragon
--Something that glows in the dark

Have fun and good luck!
You've got until nest Saturday
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[06 Oct 2003|09:06am]

Read more...Collapse )
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[06 Oct 2003|03:52am]

Guys, I'm kinda strugglin' here...LoL--my fiance and I are moving soon, so we're pinning up the details and getting everything finalized, so please forgive me if I fall a bit behind. :)


Congratulations to:
1st place: ides_of_march
2nd place: ragemuzik

...for winning this week's riddle. The correct answer was "Hotel Road" and I'll use ragemuzik's answer to explain...

This is the International Radio Operators Alphabet.
Foxtrot is the comicstrip title that was being referred to, so if Golf came after then one could only assume Hotel was coming next. The guy was a retired Air Force pilot so he would be aware of this alphabet.

Congrats to you both and I'll post your banners tomorrow.

For this week, you've got a harder one. These have been too easy. :)

Here goes:

The numbers 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 28, 32, and 36 need to be filled in in the circles of the figure, in such a way that the sum of numbers of each line amounts to 100.
Each line goes all the way across the star from one point to another.
How do you do this?

You've got until Sunday, Oct 12 (I extended it a day because my slow self was late this week)

Good luck!
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[04 Oct 2003|08:40am]

Remember everyone, all submissions are due at midnight tonight (central time)

Good luck!
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[29 Sep 2003|01:34pm]

Okay--sorry for the delay, but I have your banners finished.
If you'd like to post them in your journals, feel free to use the links below them.





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[28 Sep 2003|03:50am]

Happy Sunday everyone!!

The answer to this week's riddle:
There are ten volumes of an encyclopedia on a shelf in a library. Each book is two inches thick. The books are in order. A bookworm starts munching his way through the books, starting at the front cover of Volume 1 and finishing with the back cover of Volume 10. If he eats in a straight horizontal line, how far has he gone?

was: 16 inches. If the books are put on the shelf the right way up the front cover of volume one is on the inside, the back cover of the volume ten is also on the inside.


Congratulations go to:
First place: ides_of_march
Second place: beckyzoole

I will have winners' banners ready tomorrow. :)
Thank you to everyone who participated!

This Week's Contest:
(It's a toughie)

One afternoon, a retired air force pilot and his family were driving through Texas on a vacation. They pass a road sign. One of the children remarks on the fact that the sign is named after a newspaper comic.
After about five minutes, they pass another sign, which reads, "Golf Road". As soon as they pass it, the man turns to his wife and says he knows what the next sign will say, and that he'll bet her twenty dollars that he's right. She agrees, and they drive on. After passing the next road sign, the wife finds that her husband is right, and hands him twenty dollars.

What did the last sign say and how did the man know?
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[21 Sep 2003|03:44am]

Congratulations to this weeks' winners!!

If you want to post these banners in your UserInfo or LJ posts, just use the link that's below your banners. If you have any questions about how to post them, let me know. :)

Again, congrats go to...Collapse )

And nowwwwww...:::drumroll please:::

THIS WEEK'S PUZZLE!!!</center>

There are ten volumes of an encyclopedia on a shelf in a library. Each book is two inches thick. The books are in order. A bookworm starts munching his way through the books, starting at the front cover of Volume 1 and finishing with the back cover of Volume 10. If he eats in a straight horizontal line, how far has he gone?

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, as usual, and all answer submissions are due by Midnight, Saturday Sept. 27. You can just reply to this post and all answers will be screened until results are posted next week.
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[20 Sep 2003|09:40am]

Hi again!

Remember everyone, the deadline for answer submissions is Saturday at midnight Central/Standard time.

Winners, their banners, and the new contest will be posted the following Sunday, so be sure to check back to get a jump start on the new contest.

Good luck!
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A fairly easy math problem :) [14 Sep 2003|01:16am]

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Last week's winners and new contestCollapse )
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[10 Sep 2003|01:47am]

Hallo everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I AM getting your answer submissions, but I cannot reply to them because that will unscreen the submissions, and the answers will be made public. :( Sorry.

But, like I said, I am receiving them, and I'm thrilled with the enthusiasm the community has developed. Thank you so much for your participation...
if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know, and as always, suggestions for contests are more than welcome.

The deadline for answer submissions is midnight central time on Saturday, 9/13.
Winners will be announced Sunday, 9/14 and a new contest will be posted.
There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, decided by the order of their submitted correct answer.

Take care everyone, and keep thinkin'!
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A Lord Of The Rings theme this week [08 Sep 2003|03:12am]

Hallo all!

This week's challenge is a word-search puzzle, and will offer you this challenge:

Find all the words in the puzzle, mark them off, and then once you've found them all, with the letters remaining, spell out the answer to Bilbo's final riddle to Gollum.

(For those who've never read "The Hobbit", Bilbo and Gollum had a game of riddles, and they each asked three. Bilbo's final riddle to Gollum was "What have I got in my pockets?")

If you can find all the words and solve the riddle, you'll win a Livejournal set!
A Livejournal set includes
three icons, a friends-only banner, and an info-image for your userInfo page--
--similar to a LJ trading card, but much more customized

You've got until September 14 to submit answers. The answer has to be worded exactly how I have it in the puzzle to qualify. The last three remaining letters spell the word "END", (I had three spaces left over and had to put something in 'em --LoL) so let's say Bilbo had string in his pockets...the answer would appear "S-T-R-I-N-G-E-N-D"

I've saved the puzzle of Microsoft Excel, so that you can print it off if you like. Many words contain letters necessary to spell other words, so when you find a word, do not simply delete it, or you'll be missing vital letters.

There will be a first, second, and third prize winner!

Ok. Let the games begin!!
Find the puzzle here: --> PUZZLE <--

Here are the words to find...
There's a LOT of themCollapse )
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